Motorcycle Bearings

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Bearings available for motorcycle applications are: Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings.

Our mission is to be the leader in providing the best quality components. Through our R & D department, KML Bearing is constantly developing the best solutions for any application.Bearings available for this applications are: Single Row Deep Groove Ball BearingsTapered Roller Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings.


Other Company No.DescriptionKML No.
15117/15245Taper Bearing15117/245
16013Ball Bearing16013
16014Ball Bearing16014
1630-2RSBall seals and no "China" on the seals1630-2RS
1638-2RSBall seals and only item#1638-2RS
5204-2RSBall Brg.5204-2RS
5207-2RSBall seals and no "China" on the seals5207-2RS
60/22-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed60/22-2RS
60/28 w/28mm boreBall Bearing60/28
60/28Ball Bearing, Open60/28
60/28-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed60/28-2RS
60/32Ball Bearing, Open60/32
60/32-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed60/32-2RS
6001-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6001-2RS
6002-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6002-2RS
6003-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6003-2RS
6004-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6004-2RS
6005Ball Bearing, Open6005
6005-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6005-2RS
6006-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6006-2RS
6007Ball Bearing, Open6007
6007-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6007-2RS
6008-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6008-2RS
6009Ball Bearing, Open6009
6009-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6009-2RS
62/22-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed62/22-2RS
62/28-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed62/28-2RS
6200-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6200-2RS
6201-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6201-2RS
6202-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6202-2RS
6203-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6203-2RS
6204-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6204-2RS
6204-2RS-3/4"Ball Brg, Dbl Rbr Sld 3/4" Br6204-3/4-2RK
205-2RS-1"Ball Brg, Dbl Rbr Sld 1" Bore,1"x52mmx15mm;black seals and no "China" in the marking6205-1-2RK
6205-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6205-2RS
6206Ball Bearing, Open6206
6206-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6206-2RS
6208Ball Bearing, Open6208
6208-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6208-2RS
63/22Ball Bearing, Open63/22
63/22-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed63/22-2RS
6301-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6301-2RS
6302-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6302-2RS
6303-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6303-2RS
6304Ball Bearing, Open6304
6304-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6304-2RS
6305Ball Bearing, Open6305
6305-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6305-2RS
6306-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6306-2RS
6903-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6903-2RS
6904-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6904-2RS
6905-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6905-2RS
6906-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6906-2RS
6908Ball Bearing, Open6908
6908-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6908-2RS
6909Ball Bearing, Open6909
6909-2RSBall Brg, Dbl Rubber Sealed6909-2RS
40BD49VATV Axle Carrier BearingAC406221
CR-0643Taper BearingCR-0643
DAC305530/25Double row angular contact,30s55s25/30DAC30550030/25
DE08A27Ball Brg, Dbl Rubber SealedDAC40740540
DE0678CS12Ball BearingDE0678CS12
DE0678CS12-2RSBall BearingDE0678CS12
DE0681CS18Ball BearingDE0681CS18
DE0681CS18-2RSBall BearingDE0681CS18
DG355815Ball Brg, Dbl Rubber SealedDG355815
DG4070Ball BearingDG4070
DG5080Ball BearingDG5080
L44643/10Taper Bearing, PolarisL44643/10
L45449/10Taper BearingL45449/10
L68149/11Taper Bearing, PolarisL68149/11
LM11749/10Taper Bearing 17.5x39.9x15LM11749/10
R16-2RSBall seals and no "China" on the sealsR16-2RS

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