About KML

After 40 years of development, KML has become a comprehensive manufacturer which provides all bearing products in applications, it supplies products covering nine categories and nearly 20,000 types of bearings , especially for "multi-variety and small-batch" bearing parts .KML has 12 invention patents and practical technology patents, and has registered KML trademark brand in 78 countries, also has the bearing agent qualification of 54 countries, and about 1200 distributors over the world, it has established several  branches ,such as branches in the United States, Canada, France etc.,. After many years of struggle, KML Bearing brand has been a well-known bearing brand in China with an annual sales volume of over 50 million dollars. It has a sales and technical service team of more than 200 people both at home and abroad. KML is an excellent supplier of supporting bearings to Whirlpool, GE, Chrysler and other international well-known enterprises.

Found in 1980,KML Company,the former called as “Premier Bearings and Equipment Co., LTD.” is a manufacturer of high quality of bearing products and processes. With more than 40 years of experiences in research and development of bearing products, KML has accumulated a wealth of application experiences of bearing and powertrain industries, and a high level of strong core technical force. 
As early as 1987, KML Bearing Company Ltd., set up a research and development team in Hong Kong to develop low noise motor bearings, which produced mute radial ball bearings in an automatic cleaning room. So the high-quality bearings with good lubrication and fitting seal are produced in a completely controlled clean environment. At the same time, the first China’s automatic dust-free workshop was established to produce mute radial bearings. Therefore, KML has become a leader in the development of such products in the bearing industry. The Company has a set of production process according to the production process system, in a completely controlled clean environment, processing mute ball bearings, and make bearing cleaning, greasing, sealing and installation, to provide stable and reliable premium grade of high-quality bearing products. 
In 1992, KML brand was incubated in Dortmund,the home of bearing in Germany, and registered as the band of commercial industry. Since KML had become the name of company and quality brand suppler. KML has won extensive customer recognition in the markets of bearings and power driver transmission with its super professional technic and good after–sales services. KML was ISO 9001 certified in 1999 and obtained TS16949 quality certification in 2008.All KML supply chain institutes are ISO compliant organizations.
In China ,also has the operating institutions, include KML international customer service centers, logistics centers, joint ventures and licensed organizations.KML strives to provide customers with bearing, powertrain, auto parts and truck and trailer parts services, and is capable of proposing one-stop customized solutions.

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